About Mushu Asian Grill
Stir Fried Your way, the way of healthy lifestly you want.
Best Chinese Food Restaurant / Top Rated Healthy Asian Grill In Downtown Phoenix
Fresh, Healthy, Lo-Carb, & No MSG!
WELCOME! We like to take Asian food beyond the norm. Mu Shu Asian Grill started in 2004 and is the leader for providing healthy diet Chinese food in the Phoenix metro area. Helping residents 
and travelers lose weight by eating healthier is what 
Mu Shu Asian Grill is all about.

At Mu Shu Asian Grill, our mission is to bring the best Asian cooking and healthy diet to the valley. Our cook-on-demand policy will ensure the freshness and quality of your order. 

We are top rated Chinese Food Restaurant in Phoenix Downtown. 
You choose your own ingredients and vegetables, 
our chef will do the rest to give you
 the best lunch and dinner experience in Chinese style.